Hangin’ Out aims to continue delivering an unrivaled service. We are committed to providing a safe environment for our customers and employees/guides. To continue to deliver our very regarded, professional experiences with high quality equipment and the best local guides we increase our pricing every 3yrs. We value our employees and acknowledge their services by providing a fairer and above industry award wage. 


“As a family we had the most amazing day. Three generations with varying skills levels all had a blast. Earl was a legend. We will be back to do it again & would highly recommend it.” – Katie Fellowes

Get Climbing!

Starting at $100, see below

This 4hr session gives you a taste of real rock climbing and abseiling. Learn safe belay techniques, knots, and basic climbing communication. These sessions are catered for the beginner or advanced climber. Morning or afternoon sessions available.

Rock On!

Starting at $140, see below

This 6hr session will give you much more than just a taste of climbing and abseiling. Designed so you can get most out of your session and still have time to see some sights around the Grampians. You will be surprised how much more you achieve with the extra couple of hours. On top of the basic skills you will have the opportunity to improve your technique, feel more comfortable and climb higher and/or harder cliffs.

Rock Intro Full Day

Starting at $180, see below

A full day session offers plenty of climbing and abseiling. Learn to manage equipment, basic knots, climbing communication and belay skills. On this session we also have the time to help you to improve your technique and confidence giving you the opportunity to experience more challenging climbs.

Group Session Fee Chart

Size 4 hrs 6 hrs 8 hrs * Young Family Discount
5+ $100 $140 $180 -15%
4 $115 $175 $210 -12.5%
3 $125 $200 $260
2 $170 $260 $350

Fees do not include GST. (+10%)
All fees include the Parks Victoria per person visitation fee.
* Young Family discount applies only to the children in families of 4+ people and all kids must be under 13yrs.

Please be familiar with the pricing schedule upon booking a session, including the purchase of the gift vouchers. Head to our FAQ page and contact us if you require any other information, we are happy to help.

Private Guiding and Single or Multi-pitch Climbing

Experience climbing in its truest form, or learn the ropes on one of many tutoiral based sessions. Traditional climbing is definitely a highlight for any climber. It can take you high above the valley floors, with amazing views of our majestic mountain ranges and the feeling of great achievement when you tag the summit! Novice and experienced climbers.

Private Guiding and Single or Multi-pitch Climbing Fee Chart

1 ppl 2ppl 3ppl 4+ppl
4hr $350 $240 $200 $160
8hr $520 $325 $275 $225

Fees do not include GST. (+10%)
All fees include the Parks Victoria per person visitation fee.

Adventure Walk

$180ea (5ppl+), or $210ea (4ppl) Full Day Tour.
Minimum 4 people.

Hang out with us as we take you on an adventure you won’t forget! Described as one of Australia ‘s most spectacular day walks, Mt. Stapylton to Hollow Mountain will leave you feeling exhilarated!

For this extraordinary walk you must strap on a harness, as negotiating rock climbs, crevasses, and abseils are all part of the adventure. This adventure is designed to give you the “all in one” Grampians mountain experience, the best way we know how.

Fees do not include GST. (+10%)
All fees include the Parks Victoria per person visitation fee.

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Hangin' Out would like to acknowledge the work it does on the Traditional Lands of the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Japagulk peoples in the northern areas of our use and the Traditional Lands of the local Djub Wurrung and Jardwadjali peoples, to which, I pay respects to their elders past, present and future. I give thanks for the sharing of their Country with Hangin' Out to conduct our work. Through our work, I hope to help people connect, respect and learn about the rich cultural heritage of this region and to assist in the protection and preservation of this heritage in Gariwerd and the ecology within.