How do I make a booking?

That’s easy. Just send an email to hanginoutearl@gmail.com with your preferred dates, session type, duration and number of people you would like to book for. Alternatively you can call us directly on 0407 684 831 or contact us through WhatsAPP.

Is there a minimum age?

We have provided adventures for many little ones from 3yrs and have harnesses, helmets and climbing shoes (from size 32 EU) to suit your little adventurer!

Do you operate every day of the week?

Yes, but we also take breaks, so we can provide service on any day, but not every day, so best to just make an enquiry!

What happens if the weather forecast isn’t appropriate?

We have experienced some very uncomfortable but still safe conditions with our customers. With 23 years experience we are happy to make the call to cancel due to perceived safety concerns. This is typically in line with severe weather warnings. Occasionally we are required to comply with Parks Victoria and cease all activities in the Park due to a Severe Weather Warning. 

We value our customers, so we are prepared to give a few options if the session is cancelled by Hangin’ Out.

If you have paid a non-refundable deposit and we cancel due to safety concerns, we may be able to reschedule to the next best day or provide you a credit with a time limit. Occasionally we will determine that a refund is best and hope to hear from you another time.

We aim to conduct a business ethos that comes with trust and integrity for our customers and will do our best to find a reasonable outcome if the weather doesn’t comply.

What’s the best time of year to visit for climbing?

Timing with the Spring-time native flower displays is a good opportunity to experience this landscape. It’s typically drier than late winter and we have temperatures into the low 20’s. Autumn is delightful. Typically dry, beautiful days with little wind, the fog blankets the valleys and the sun’s rays warm us after a cool night. This is also our busiest time of year so get in early to book your adventure and importantly your accommodation.

Summer and winter are less predictable, however still have many good days within the season. February is the quietest time of year as the temperatures may exceed 35deg and can be too hot to climb after 1pm. 

Where’s the best place for us to book accommodation?

Halls Gap is the closest town with everything you would need including a plethora of accommodations. You can also book a camping site in the National Park. Booking through Park Web https://bookings.parks.vic.gov.au/book.

Sitting alongside the National Park is Plantation Campground (only 10km from Halls Gap) which is overseen by State Forest regulations and is the only free camping area. It has all the amenities that any of the other Park camps provide and has just enough mobile phone reception.

We’re planning on camping in the National Park, where would be the best place to set up camp?

Plantation Campground is centrally located between two of our most used climbing sites.

However if you are booked in for Lookout Point Wall, the Stoney Creek Camps are closest (minimal facilities) and if you’re booked for Summerday Valley climbing area, the Mt Stapylton Campground is the closest.

What do I/we need to bring on the day?

Please check out our links for our two main climbing sites for details on what to bring –

Lookout Point Wall: https://www.hanginout.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/lookout-point.pdf

Summerday Valley: https://www.hanginout.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/summerday-valley-2022-2.pdf

Is Abseiling included in the group climbing sessions?

Yes, we allow for a minimum of one abseil (approx 22-27m) on any session. We offer more abseils on the longer 6hr or 8hr sessions.

What if I don’t want to abseil?

Fortunately you aren’t required to abseil. Sometimes we find it best for some customers to start on a rock climb, see how high you are willing to go. After a couple of climbs, you may find you’re ready to take on the abseil, if not, no worries.

What’s the view like?

Amazing! You’re in the cultural landscape of Gariwerd, everywhere you look it’s incredible. Just head on to our Facebook or Instagram page and see for yourself!

I’m not sure if I’ll be strong enough. How hard is it?

Don’t worry, you’re definitely not the first person to have asked! Having not met you, I’m guessing you are a beginner to rock climbing. Sure there’s a physical aspect to climbing, however our coaching you through technique and support will take you much further than you may anticipate. Rock climbing and abseiling may also be mentally challenging. That’s where we can step in with our years of experience working with people and helping them through the challenges they face. Regarding the physical difficulty of the climbs on our group sessions, please check the write-ups on the Hangin’ Out homepage of the two main sites where we set up a range of climbs to cater to our customers. The main thing is just to do your best and then you will leave feeling proud of yourself.

Do I need a car? Can Hangin’ Out provide transport to the site?

We don’t provide transport. A car is the best way to get around the Grampians/Gariwerd N.P. There are a couple of bus companies locally, however it would be unlikely they are able to cater to the required times needed. Some customers have walked to our site near Halls Gap, however I would contact us to discuss this prior to booking.

How many climbs and abseils do you get?

On the 4hr session our customers average one abseil and 2-4 climbs. These can be the same or different climbs. On a 6hr session you have a couple more hours that might allow you to take the session at a slower pace or provide you the time to get through as many climbs as possible and one or more abseils. All of our cliffs have over 7 climbs available and Summerday Valley has 15+ climbs. We like to make sure our customers enjoy and are satisfied by the experience we offer, so we will even go out of our way to cater to people on the day if requested.

Do you provide climbing shoes?

Yes, we provide climbing shoes from EU 32 (US 2) to EU 50 (US 15). To keep our shoes clean and hygienic, socks must be worn in all our shoes.

How high are the climbs/abseils?

They range between 10m and 27 meters on any of our top-rope climbing sessions. 

What shoes do I bring?

Wear anything you would have on your feet for an easy bushwalk. Please no flip flops.

Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, many customers bring their own climbing shoes, harness and helmet. If anything is not up to standard we’ll let you know.

Is there a weight or size limit?

The only real limitation is regarding the harness size. We provide harnesses for little 3yr old kids to an XL. However sometimes we have found our harnesses aren’t able to fit. This can be due to leg size or waist size. Contact us directly if you have any concerns.

I’m pregnant - can I still climb?

This is a call for celebration, however you will need to consider your adventuring carefully now that you have another person to think about.  We don’t have any hard rules in your second trimester, but we advise caution as would your GP. 

Please do not join us when you are in your third trimester. There are many concerns and complications with the activities we conduct. Before you book on an adventure while pregnant, please be aware: 

  • Rock climbing and abseiling involves wearing a harness. Wearing a harness requires your core muscles and straining these muscles too hard poses a low (but real) risk of early onset of labour.
  • In addition, pregnancy can involve many complications that are well outside the scope of our training, knowledge and experience. 

Please take this information into consideration before making a booking and consult with a GP.

Can I drop off my kids and pick them up at the end?

At least one parent or guardian is required to oversee any child under 17yrs.

Some of our friends/family would like to watch. Is that okay?

Totally fine, we call them the Photographers!

How far is the climbing area from the car park?

All our climbing areas are a short 5 minute walk from the meeting place (car park).

What is a group session?

Our group sessions are our most booked adventures. These sessions are all top-rope climbing sessions, similar to an indoor climbing center but without the smell of sweaty armpits and the cafe nearby. Instead you may meet other awesome people at your session.  These sessions cater from the inexperienced to experienced climber and allow for up to 14 people to join us. We also receive group bookings from an individual who wishes to book for several people where we can cater for larger group sizes and may restrict other customers from joining. If you prefer not to meet other people at your session, we offer private sessions and cater directly to the requests of customers.

Are there toilets?

Yes, when you see as many kids as we do, toilets are a necessity. So we generally meet our customers at the National Parks car parks that have toilet facilities.

Can my kids belay each other?

Firstly, we won’t let your kids kill each other! 
We find that kids under 11yrs may be competent and very keen to belay, however may lack the strength to be able to make the rope tight enough. We place back-up processes in place for most people until they are comfortable to belay and keep a close eye on anyone that is taking on this fairly large responsibility for the first time.

Can I leave early or have a shorter session, like 2 or 3 hours?

3hrs maybe, two hours may not be worthwhile and your time may be better spent going on a short walk.

How many people may be in our group?

Our instructor:participant ratio is guided by industry standards and recommended not to exceed 1:10, however we like to have a lower max of 1:8 and with mixed groups a max group size of 14 people. We have found that capping the maximum to 14 also ensures we limit impacts to the areas we love so much.

Do you provide discounts?

Only those shown on the sessions and pricing page for young families. Our school group customers do receive a quote which is priced differently.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit may be required and this is determined at the time of booking.

Please let us know if you think we’ve missed an important question that we could consider adding …